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Lee DuBridge with Vice President Richard Nixon
Anderson and Trilling with cosmic ray cloud chamber
Richard Feynman looking at sign hung on Throop Hall
Lee A. DuBridge
Lee and Doris DuBridge’s wedding picture
Richard Feynman
Richard Feynman with students
Lee and Doris DuBridge
Richard Feynman and Paul Dirac at Relativity Conference in Warsaw
Richard Feynman, casual pose
Richard Feynman and Ralph Leighton
Directory change: from DuBridge to Brown
Richard Feynman, passport photo
Harold Brown, formal pose
Cartoon of Einstein by Low
Clark Millikan, Lee DuBridge, V. P. Richard Nixon and Wm. Pickering
Einstein, portrait
Richard Feynman at chalkboard
Albert Einstein
Richard Feynman with students at Freshman Camp