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Dome in last stages of completion--shutters not yet installed
200″ telescope prime focus hoist carriage in place
Aluminizing tank for 200″ mirror
Byron Hill and Al Winters working on Coude mirrror gantry crane
Tube assembly--48″ Schmidt
Polar axis and housing of the 48″ Schmidt telescope
Declination drive
Photometer (?), prime focus--200″
B-ray spectrometer slit shutter assembly
200″ coude slit assembly
200″ aluminum tank cover, side view
Knife-edge focusing device used in 200″ prime focus plate holder
48″ Schmidt--hoisting fork through shutters
48″ Schmidt telescope testing hoist rigging
Al Winter and John Kimple working on the brass case that encloses the declination drive
Construction of trailer for 200″ mirror
200″ telescope dome, looking south
200″ dome as seen in winter
200″ dome prime focus hoist carriage
Photometer (?), prime focus--200″