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Residents of the dormitory
Amos G. and Eliza Throop
Robert Arnold William Bultmann
Meta Cleora Rice
Throop Hall as seen from the southwest
Stickney Memorial Building
World War I: officers and NCOs in the 1918 ROTC
Throop Hall
Boardwalk between the orange groves on the east side of Throop (Pasadena) Hall
William Roy williamson
Construction of Throop central building
Throop workmen Tommy Bolter and Edgar Parmalee
Assembly Room, East Hall, Throop Polytechnic Institute
Amos Gager Throop, portrait
Women’s basketball team
Biological Laboratory, East Hall, Throop Polytechnic Institute
Detail of Calder relief on Throop Hall, showing earthquake damage
Chemical laboratory, Throop Polytechnic Institute
Students in the Electrical Testing Laboratory
Items made by a Throop sewing class