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“Throop University at Pasadena”
East Hall
James A. B. Scherer at student body mock trial
Physics class on the 2nd floor of Throop Hall
Lewis Carpenter, Throop student 1896-97
Gnome Club
Throop College of Technology vs. USC push ball game
Athletics heading for Throop Poly Bulletin
World War I: ROTC blowing out orange trees
Calder arches, Throop Hall, in dismantled state in Pasadena storage yard
William Finlaw Ayars
Throop woodshop
Al Morrison
Iron work done by Throop students
Throop Hall (Holmes Collection)
Wood Shop, Throop Polytechnic
Closeup of 40.1-4 showing James A.B. Scherer holding his hat
Throop Hall
Throop Polytechnic Institute
Group of girls