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Alfred H. Sturtevant in lab
Richard Feynman, casual pose
Harold Brown with others
Richard Feynman with bongo drums
Richard Feynman playing the conga drum [trimmed photo]
Alfred H. Sturtevant
Richard Feynman, formal portrait
Charles Richter with seismometer that he keeps in the living room of his home
Richard Feynman playing the conga drum [full photo]
David Baltimore
David Baltimore with President Bill Clinton
Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Sturtevant in iris garden
Harold Brown for Secretary of Defense
Linus Pauling and Max Delbruck
Linus Pauling at Nobel Peace Prize news conference
Richard Feynman in his office at Caltech
Harold Brown with others
Beno Gutenberg, casual pose
Linus Pauling, formal portrait, profile
Gordon Moore, Thomas Everhart, David Baltimore and Kip Thorne