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Amos Gager Throop, portrait
Women’s basketball team
Biological Laboratory, East Hall, Throop Polytechnic Institute
Chemical laboratory, Throop Polytechnic Institute
Students in the Electrical Testing Laboratory
Items made by a Throop sewing class
Old library plaque
Track team
William Wakeham
Sewing Room, Polytechnic Hall, Throop Polytechnic Institute
World War 1: ROTC Corps in line
Athletics heading for Throop Poly Bulletin
Group of professors on Mt. Lowe.
Lunch hour
World War I: Troops firing from a foxhole
First chemistry lab in Gates
Throop Hall as seen from Wilson Ave. (Holmes Collection)
Students’ dormitory and dining hall--Throop Polytechnic
Throop Polytechnic gym class
World War I: Training Exercises