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Commencement on the steps of Gates
Aerial view of JPL
Twenty-fifth Anniversary Caltech Industrial Relations Center
David Morrisroe
Communications hub linking space flight personnel dring interplanetar missions
Group discussing opportunities in the army air force
A.G. “Fig” Newton campus security
James Page and Lee DuBridge at the dedication of Chandler Dining Hall
Trustee Arthur H. Fleming
Board of Trustees, 1990
Board of Trustees, 1991
Near-encounter photomosaic of the Martian satellite Phosbos
Board of Trustees, 1949
Commencement on the steps of Gates
Dish of giant JPL laboratory radio antenna
Trustee E. Kaiser
Arnold Toynbee and Allan Nevins during campus visit
Trustee James A. Culbertson
Jupiter’s Great Red Spot
Edward C. (Ned) Barrett