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George Beadle (right) with unknown man at AAAS convention, Berkeley, CA
George Beadle’s Nobel medal
George Beadle, formal portrait
Bess MacDonald, high school teacher of George Beadle
George Beadle in laboratory
George Beadle at his desk
Beadle and Pauling examining a skeletal model of polypeptide chain, with a space-filling model in the background
David Baltimore in classroom
David Baltimore with President Bill Clinton
David Baltimore
David Baltimore
Adrian Srb and George Beadle
George Beadle examining corn
George Beadle inspecting corn
George Beadle carrying fish
George Beadle sitting with molecular model.
Ruth Beadle, sister of George Beadle
Joseph Nyc, H.K. Mitchell and George Beadle
George Beadle, formal portrait
Alexander Beadle, brother of George Beadle.