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Study for Music Hall by Elmer Grey
The senior class
Gnome Club
Sewing at Throop Institute
Throop cupola with students raising the Star of David
Truman F. McCrea
East Hall-Throop Polytechnic Institute
Oliver Scott on the boardwalk between Throop Hall and the old dorm
Throop athletics, football
Mike O’Haver shooting hoops
The junior class
Women of 1900
Gnome Club of 1909
Throop Polytechnic Institute class of 1907
Gnome Club of 1900
Early Football at CIT
Forging Room, Polytechnic Hall, Throop Polytechnic Institute
World War I: Troops marching in two lines
Throop clock with Spiro Agnew hands and face
Wilbur Wright with his sister Katherine Wright