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200″ dome prime focus hoist carriage
Photometer (?), prime focus--200″
200″ coude spectrograph
Utility Hill showing cottage #3, Power House and residence
200″ mirror back supports
Construction view of the 200′ telescope
Fork machine setup--48″ Schmidt telescope
One shutter arch complete
Coude unit, south elevation
Interior of 200″ coude spectrograph--grating cell
“Doghouse” for the 8″ and 12″ Schmidt camera telescopes
Tube structure
Magnetizing coil winding setup
Transporting of the 200″ mirror
Two sections of shutter arches in place
12′ section of 17″ shock tube in lathe
Palomar 200″ dome in background with 48″ Schmidt dome and power house in foreground
B-ray spectrometer coil connection
Knife-edge test on the 200″ mirror
200″ telescope showing tube structure, south yoke, tube girders and horseshoe