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Marvin Goldberger
Robert A. Millikan with vacuum spark spectrograph
Einstein and William Campbell in front of 100″ telescope at Mt. Wilson
Glenn Millikan and friends
Robert A. Millikan standing at his writing desk
Max von Laue and Robert A. Millikan
Robert A. Millikan, formal portrait
Robert A. Millikan at the entrance to the Norman Bridge Laboratory of Physics.
Max Delbruck, T. Lauritsen, Niels Bohr, Paul Epstein
Harold Brown, formal pose
Herbert Hoover, Robert A. Millikan, James R Page and others
Richard Feynman lecturing at Caltech Seminar Day
Richard Chace Tolman in uniform
William Fowler in Lima Central High School football uniform, Lima, OH
Lee DuBridge, Edwin Land and Murray Gell-Mann
Robert A. Millikan, formal portrait, profile
Lee DuBridge with Field Marshal Montgomery
Arie Haagen-Smit in laboratory
William Fowler and well-wishers