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Lee DuBridge with Vice President Richard Nixon
Richard Feynman at Cornell Symposium
Feynman’s sketch of Dirac
Richard Feynman, formal portrait
Shelter Island group
Richard Feynman at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
Richard Feynman lecturing on quantum mechanics
Harold Brown viewing space photos
Einstein equations on blackboard at Mt. Wilson
William Fowler at Nobel Banquet with Queen Sylvia
Richard Feynman in Brazil
Harold Brown with Arnold Beckman
Richard Feynman and Leon Silver at Freshman Camp
Einstein giving a speech in Pasadena
Richard Feynman with Caltech students
Richard Feynman at a Christmas party at Cornell
Richard Feynman, chin on hand
Richard Feynman’s blackboard at the time of his death
Einstein with Horace Gilbert
Vice President Nelson Rockefeller chats with William Fowler at reception for National Medal of Science winners