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200″ dome - aerial view
200″ dome under contruction
Installation of lower shutter trucks on dome shutters
Peak of crane used on mezzanine floor
Excavation work on 200″ dome site, from SW
South cross piece on observing floor
View of the Palomar observatory site
Drying surface with calcium carbonate
Roughing out 45″ test mirror on 48″ grinding machine
Mirror and aluminizing tank--final cleaning before closing tank
Laying water pipe for work camp
Edging 36″ Conde mirror no. 2
48″ Schmidt--view of form building
60″ grinding machine showing 45″ mirror blank with plaster inserts in back
48″ Schmidt--completion of rotating dome
Dome trucks--full view of completed installation
Fork model in dome, telescope looking North
Removing cell from telescope
Placing P. C. cage on telescope tube
Dome building as seen from the power house