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Dr. and Mrs. Richard Chace Tolman with their dog
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Chace Tolman at home
David Baltimore
Hertha Gutenberg seated with a book
Max Delbruck with Phage Group
Thomas Hunt Morgan, Robert Millikan and others
Robert Millikan in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Robert A. Millikan at Freshmen supper party
George Ellery Hale at his desk
Thomas Hunt Morgan and Albert Tyler in lab
Robert A. Millikan, formal portrait
Calvin Bridges
Millikan family
Clark Millikan in the 10-foot wind tunnel
Construction of 200″ telescope--view from crane
Unloading 200″ disc from railway car
The wreck of City Hall after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake
Dome under construction
Chem Club on steps of Gates
Justus G. Kirchner