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David Baltimore
David Baltimore with President Bill Clinton
Max Delbruck lecturing
George Beadle at blackboard.
George Beadle standing, casual pose
James Page and George Beadle in academic robes
Max and Manny (Mary B.) Delbruck
Gordon Moore, Thomas Everhart, David Baltimore and Kip Thorne
George Beadle at his desk
George Beadle and colleagues
Young George Beadle wearing a dress
Max Delbruck at Nobel ceremony
Max Delbruck at the ceremony awarding his Nobel Prize
Early home of George Beadle
Dr. David Baltimore and his wife, Dr. Alice Huang
Maize cytogeneticists at Cornell University
George Beadle’s parents & brother (Alexander) in parlor of home
George Beadle with samples
Max Delbruck at sundial party
George Beadle with prize corn