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Steven E. Koonin
Visit to JPL by Secretary Royall
Trustee F. M. Banks
Lt. Col. Goldsworthy
Rocky panoramic scene of the Martian landscape
Islands in the channel of Ares Valley--Mars Valley in Greek
Women in plane
Thomas Hunt Morgan leading the faculty procession
Trustees National Meeting
Trustee John G. McLean
Norman Horowitz
Trustee Arthur M. Wood
Trustee Harry Volk
Board of Trustees, 2010
Trustees National Meeting
Photomosaic taken as Viking Orbiter-1 was approaching Phobos
Antonie Van Harreveld with his wife (on his left)
U. S. Naval Reserve students and civilians
Board of Trustees, 1993
Five Provosts: Barclay Kamb, John Roberts, Robert Bacher, Rochus Vogt, Robert Christy