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Richard Feynman and Hans Bethe
Theodore von Karman in plane
Charles Richter with seismometer that he keeps in the living room of his home
Theodore von Karman and his sister, Josephine, with a group of men
Positron and electron tracks
Robert Millikan’s photoelectric experiment apparatus at University of Chicago
Max Delbruck at the ceremony awarding his Nobel Prize
Richard and Ruth Tolman and their dog in front of their home
Robert A. Millikan, formal portrait
Beno Gutenberg, casual pose
The Triumvirate in front of Gates
Early home of George Beadle
Clark Millikan with model in GALCIT 10′ wind tunnel
Dr. David Baltimore and his wife, Dr. Alice Huang
Linus Pauling at news conference
Robert Millikan bust with artists Holger and Helen Jensen
Richard Feynman with students
Max and Clark Millikan
Einstein with Samuel Untermeyer at Palm Springs
Lilian Morgan