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Vice President Richard Nixon with Lee DuBridge and Clark Millikan
Einstein and Robert Millikan
Harold Brown talking with students
Harold Brown shaking hands with unknown man
Robert Millikan, Abbe Lemaitre and Albert Einstein
Anderson and Millikan at Pike’s Peak
Richard Feynman and Murray Gell-Mann
Einstein giving a speech in Pasadena
Richard Feynman’s blackboard at time of his death
Lee DuBridge, Robert Millikan and K.T. Compton
Einstein and Robert Millikan
Carl Anderson standing with equipment
Richard Feynman with Caltech students
Richard Feynman lecturing at Caltech Seminar Day
Lee DuBridge shaking hands with Joe Rhodes
Richard Feynman and William McLellan
E. G. Bowen, Lee DuBridge and I. I. Rabi
Einstein with puppet
Lee DuBridge and Tom Everhart
Richard and Gweneth Feynman leaving for Stockholm