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Richard Chace Tolman in uniform
William Fowler in Lima Central High School football uniform, Lima, OH
Lee DuBridge, Edwin Land and Murray Gell-Mann
Robert A. Millikan, formal portrait, profile
Lee DuBridge with Field Marshal Montgomery
Arie Haagen-Smit in laboratory
William Fowler and well-wishers
Richard Feynman and Emilio Segre at Los Alamos gathering.
Einstein, portrait
Lee DuBridge, formal portrait
Robert A. Millikan looking at portrait of Isaac Newton
Einstein with Theodore von Karman and a local priest
Richard Feynman talking with Paul Dirac at Relativity Conference in Warsaw
Einstein with Edwin Hubble and Walter Adams at the Mount Wilson Observatory
Calvin Bridges
A. H. Sturtevant in Drosophila room in Kerckhoff
Lee DuBridge, formal portrait
Hattie Albro Beadle, mother of George Beadle
Richard Feynman dancing with Trudy Egyes at Cornell