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In the control room at JPL, members of the mission team keep tabs on a Surveyor moonship
Mars as photographed during the Viking 2 approach
Meeting of the Committee on the Industrial Relations Section
Huge equatorial canyon on Mars known as Valles Marineris--Mariner Valley
Collector arm of soil sampler successfully pushing a rock
Graduates in front of Throop Hall
A group of graduates on the steps of the Athenaeum
Deimos, the smaller of the two satellites of Mars
Martian horizon as seen by Viking 2
A group of graduates
Commencement procession
Philip S. Fogg
Time and Motion Study class
Cross indicates aiming point for landing of Viking 1
Remounting of the Calder Arches
Martian landscape showing a dune field
Commencement on the steps of Gates
Women surveying
Board of Trustees, 1998
Sterling and Mary Emerson with James and Ingelore Bonner