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Robert Bacher, Niels Bohr and Lee DuBridge
Ira S. Bowen
Technicians in Felix Boehm’s lab
Heavy H2O plant for Lauritsen Tube
Thomas Lauritsen
Earnest Watson
Victor Neher with cosmic ray apparatus
Seeley G. Mudd
180o spectrometer
Robert C. Burt and Ira S. Bowen
Charles C. Lauritsen, H. Richard Crane and William Harper
Physics faculty, 1930
Rudolf Mossbauer
John Teem and Joe Mullins testing equipment
Unidentified man next to an oscilloscope
Transformer for the million volt x-ray tube
Mossbauer experiment
Victor Neher with cosmic ray apparatus
Robert B. Leighton
Murray Gell-Mann and Arrola DuBridge