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Robert Sinsheimer
Robert Sinsheimer
Biology group
Pouring walls on small dome
Owens Valley Radio Observatory (OVRO)
32nd anniversary of the first GALCIT rocket test
Conductor bar installation, revolving portion of dome
Interior of the Earhart Plant Physiological Lab
J. Holmes Sturdivant with x-ray diffraction apparatus
Caltech-Armed Forces meteorology training course
Disc inside of the beehive furnace
Oliver Wulf as a young man
Caltech’s 10-foot wind tunnel
Unidentified mand examining disc
Don Hendrix with small 200″ polishing machine
Floyd Humphrey
120″ disc with group
Winch used for pulling trailer with 200″ disc into the CIT Optical Shop
Top side of metrical system of the Southern California Cooperative Wind Tunnel (SCCWT)
Jesse and George Greenstein with Naomi Wasserburg