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Thomas Hunt Morgan with microscope
Robert A. Millikan & G. H. Cameron with equipment
Einstein, Millikan and others at Athenaeum dinner
Robert A. Millikan, with hands in pockets
Calvin Bridges
Robert A. Millikan, informal pose
Einstein portrait with inscription to R.C. Tolman
Robert A. Millikan with cosmic-ray equipment
Arthur H. Compton and Robert Millikan
Clark Millikan, formal portrait
The von Karman’s home
Robert A. Millikan and others
Robert A. Millikan, informal pose seated at desk
President Everhart and students at Freshman Camp on Catalina Island
Thomas Hunt Morgan
Robert Millikan’s oil drop apparatus
Einstein, standing alone
Awarding of the Medal of Merit (U.S.) to (L-R): Louis G. Dunn, Director of JPL; Clark B. Millikan, Director of GALCIT; and Robert A. Millikan.
Theodore von Karman holding a cigar
Linus Pauling and Robert Corey with model of molecule