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Harold Brown
Einstein lecturing at the offices of the Mt. Wilson Observatory (Carnegie Institution, Santa Barbara Street, Pasadena)
Albert and Elsa Einstein at the Athenaeum
Lee DuBridge, formal pose
Ira Sprague Bowen
Lee DuBridge in military uniform
Einstein and Elsa on boat off Long Beach
Robert Wagoner, William Fowler, Fred Hoyle and Donald Clayton
Albert and Elsa Einstein with Samuel Untermeyer
Einstein, Millikan and others at Athenaeum dinner
Einstein sculpture at NAS by Robert Berks
Ira Bowen, formal pose
Marvin Goldberger, formal pose
Elsa and Albert Einstein with Gov. James Rolph, Jr.
Colleen Brown speaking with women students
Ira Bowen at desk
William Fowler with a group of students
Lee DuBridge, formal pose
Marvin Goldberger riding his motorbike
William Fowler with his third grade class