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Lloyd Smith, Robert Bacher and Lee DuBridge
Setting up the Synchroton Lab
Synchrotron chamber
Synchrotron chamber
Niels Bohr at Caltech
Synchrotron Lab
Robert F. Bacher
Geneva Conference, Palais des Nations, Geneva Switzerland
Early stages of setting up the Synchrotron Lab
Robert F. Bacher
Lee Hood
Panel discussion: The Creative Process: What Is It?
David Elliot, Beach Langston, Robert Sinsheimer
Richard Feynman
Student at the refreshment table
Mr. Mountain, Isabel Morgan Mountain (daughter of Thomas Hunt Morgan) Alfred H. Sturtevant, Phoebe Sturtevant
Exhibit of Robert A. Millikan memorabilia
George Beadle at AAAS meeting in Berkeley, CA