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Lifting yolk girder in place
Load of steel for the 20″ dome
Harry Gray giving a talk with Acting President Robert Christy, Jenijoy La Belle and Valentina Zaydman
200″ mirror in aluminizing chamber
Owens Valley Radio Observatory (OVRO)
Building under construction
8″ Schmidt (camera) telescope
Robert E. Ford and Lucien H. Gilmore
Phantom dome
Theo Dobzhansky
Don Yost
Ahmed Zewail
Hal Holway adjusts the flexible walls of the JPL 12″ supersonic wind tunnel
Robert Sharp
Dome truck hoisted to position for rolling frame
Fine grinding of 20″ mirror disc on two-foot grinding machine
Eugene Shoemaker
48″ Schmidt--pouring lower base moulding
Robert Knapp
Piano wire stright edge (close-up) showing electrical equipment used in reading contact