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Mars’ Utopian Plain
Robert Leighton and Horace Babcock
Europa, the smallest of the four Galilean satellites
Commencement on the steps of Gates
Clark Millikan at commencement
Commencement on the steps of Throop Hall
Remounting of the Calder Arches
Trustee Albert B. Ruddock
Trustee Ralph B. Lloyd
Conference on Profitable Personnel Policies: Tenth Anniversary IRC.
Albert Ruddock, Royal Sorensen and Jesse Dumond
Board of Trustees, 1969
Fractures in the surface of Mars at Memnonic Fossae near the Tharsis Ridge
Photos of an experiment to locate the position of Viking Lander 1
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ruddock
Interior of Martian crater
Board of Trustees, 1958
Trustee Henry Singleton
JPL technicians check out Mariner V spacecraft
Aerial view of JPL