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The Einstein’s with group in front of Dabney Hall
Albert and Elsa Einstein with Robert and Greta Millikan on a boat off Long Beach
Einstein and William Campbell in front of 100″ telescope at Mt. Wilson
Einstein with Theodore von Karman and a local priest
Einstein with Edwin Hubble and Walter Adams at the Mount Wilson Observatory
Elsa and Albert Einstein with Gov. James Rolph, Jr.
Einstein, Millikan and others at Athenaeum dinner
Cartoon of Einstein by Low
Albert Einstein
Einstein equations on blackboard at Mt. Wilson
Einstein giving a speech in Pasadena
Einstein with Horace Gilbert
Einstein with a group at Mt. Wilson
Einstein, Paul Epstein and Richard Chace Tolman
Einstein as grandpapa
Albert and Elsa Einstein at the Athenaeum
Albert Einstein
Einstein and Robert Millikan
Robert Millikan, Abbe Lemaitre and Albert Einstein
Einstein giving a speech in Pasadena