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Ira Bowen with vacuum spectrograph.
Karl T. Compton, Lee DuBridge and Robert Millikan
Julie Harris with Lee and Arrola DuBridge
William Fowler with HiY Club at Lima Central High School, Lima, OH
Lee DuBridge, formal pose
Carl Anderson standing with equipment
Lee DuBridge, Karl T. Compton and Robert Millikan
James Van Allen, Lee DuBridge and William Pickering
Lee DuBridge with Princess Margaret and Lord Snowden
Young Lee DuBridge
Harold Brown gesturing with hand
Einstein with pipe in front of Athenaeum
Harold Brown presenting Helen Holloway with her service award
The Einstein’s with group in front of Dabney Hall
Anderson and Neddermeyer at Pike’s Peak
Lee DuBridge, formal pose
Lee and Doris DuBridge
Carl Anderson with students
Albert and Elsa Einstein with Robert and Greta Millikan on a boat off Long Beach
Einstein and William Campbell in front of 100″ telescope at Mt. Wilson