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Franz Boas with Robert Millikan
Alexander Goetz shown with apparatus for manufacturing liquid helium
Long telescope used to photograph eclipse of the sun
A. H. McAllister and Alexander Goetz
Charles C. Lauritsen and Robert A. Millikan stand atop the million volt x-ray tube
Robert A. Millikan with Herbert Hoover and his wife
Robert Millikan with cosmic-ray photon display
Preliminary model of 200″ telescope
John Anderson and Marcus H. Brown
Robert A. Millikan, seated at his desk
John Blackburn holding the innter electrode of the million volt x-ray tube
Construction of 200″ telescope
A. Soltan looking into a paraffin-lined Lauritsen electroscope
World’s smallest radio tube (far right)
Robert Schad (Huntington Library) and William Munro
Irving Krick and W.C. Rockefeller inspecting chart
Curved wind tunnel for studying air turbulence
Construction of 200″ telescope
Walter Adams, Edwin Hubble and Sir James Jeans at Mt. Wilson
1 MV double-porcelain accelerator tube in the high volts lab