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Robert Bacher, Niels Bohr and Lee DuBridge
Henry M. Robinson, member of Millikan’s Executive Council
Physical Education staff
Trustee Henry Dreyfuss
Launching of NASA THOR-DELTA 3-stage rocket
Western flank of Alba Patera
First high-resolution map of the Viking 1 landing site
David Morrisroe
Edward C. (Ned ) Barrett
Board of Trustees, 1951
Remounting of the Calder Arches
Board of Trustees, 2005
Trustee Henry W. O’Melveny
Barrage rocket launcher
Board of Trustees, 1982
Mosaic of Mars surface taken from Viking Orbiter 1
Jupiter’s Great Red Spot emerging from the brief, five-hour Jovian night
Harald Ostvold
Commencement on the steps of Gates
Composite of Ganymede, the largest Galilean satellite