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Sir James Jeans and Robert A. Millikan
Einstein and William Campbell in front of 100″ telescope at Mt. Wilson
Max von Laue and Robert A. Millikan
Einstein, portrait
Five Nobel Prize winners at a dinner in Berlin
Beno Gutenberg in the field
Einstein standing with Walther Mayer
Spring field trip in Waucoba Canyon
Einstein on a boat off Long Beach with an unidentified man
Caltech’s original seismic prospecting equipment
Biology faculty and staff 1931
Einstein and Elsa on boat off Long Beach
Elsa Einstein, unidentified man, Albert Einstein, Otto Stern and Horace Gilbert
Paul Ehrenfest
Einstein portrait, chin in hand
Einstein and Robert Millikan, standing
Three Nobel Prize winners: Einstein, Millikan, Michelson
Carl Anderson with the magnet cloud chamber with which he discovered the positive electron or positron
Gnome Club of 1931
Wolfgang Pauli