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Glenn Millikan and friends
Robert Millikan
1st World Youth Peace Congress, Errde, The Netherlands
Dabney Hall as seen from East Bridge
The winners of the boat race at Military Camp in Monterey
Franco Rasetti
Subukia (Africa) fissure near Maj. Boyce’s farm
Construction of Kerckhoff Labs
Unidentified buildings by Mayers, Murray and Phillip
Large group assembled in front of Throop Hall
The Dill Pickle
Mike O’Haver dressed to call on friends at Del Monte Lodge
Chem Club
Robert Millikan, R. D. Bennett, Charles C. Lauritsen
Kerckhoff Laboratories of Biological Sciences
Gordon Sutherland and Glenn Millikan
Firing French 75 at Gingling (now Fort Ord)
Freshman football team
Caltech group on the last morning in camp