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Kerckhoff Laboratory of the Biological Sciences
William Fowler at University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Administrative buildings at Mount Stromlo Observatory, Australia
National Science Board
40″ reflector at Siding Spring Observatory, Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia
Aerial view of Siding Spring Observatory, Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia
Exterior of the Athenaeum
William Fowler
William Fowler and others at the American Astrophysical Society meeting
William Fowler
Beckman Auditorium with Millikan Library in the background.
William Fowler with Edith and John Roberts
The Athenaeum Round Table Gang
William Fowler holding his National Medal of Science
Model of the 90-foot diameter radio telescope
130-foot radio telescope pedestal construction
Dish construction
130-foot radio telescope dish under contruction
130-foot radio telescope views
130-foot radio telescope