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Western flank of Alba Patera
Mosaic of Mars surface taken from Viking Orbiter 1
Viking Orbiter 2 showing the south polar cap
The US flag with the rocky Martian surface in the background
The Grand Canyon of Mars
Mars’ Utopia landing site
Photomosaic showing the western part of the Chryse Planitia
Mars’ Utopian Plain
New Mars landing site for Viking 1
Near-encounter photomosaic of the Martian satellite Phosbos
The north polar ice cap of Mars
Mosaic of the Hellas region of Mars
Mars as photographed during the Viking 2 approach
Huge equatorial canyon on Mars known as Valles Marineris--Mariner Valley
Deimos, the smaller of the two satellites of Mars
Martian horizon as seen by Viking 2
Photomosaic of channel on Mars
Landing area for Viking 1, the crater Arandas
Mars’ inner satellite, Phobos