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Harold Brown speaking at Baxter dedication dinner
Richard Feynman, casual pose
Richard Feynman at Freshman Camp
Harold Brown receiving Clear Air Car trophy from students
Lee and Doris DuBridge
Ira Bowen in office.
Richard Feynman at 1974 commencement
William Fowler and well-wishers
Harold Brown and Bruce Murray
Richard Feynman and Robert Leighton with students
Richard Feynman in the classroom with Tom Harvey (photographer)
Richard Feynman at Caltech’s Spring Talent Show.
Richard Feynman with students at Freshman Camp
Richard Feynman, formal portrait
Richard Feynman lecturing on quantum mechanics
Harold Brown viewing space photos
Richard Feynman and Leon Silver at Freshman Camp
Richard Feynman, chin on hand
Harold Brown during his Inauguration
Harold Brown at his inauguration