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Ed Hutchings, Jean Bacher and Robert Bacher at the Athenaeum
Carl Rogers with students
Dick Tuck with students
Noon concerts--Davis High School Madrigal Singers
Charles Percy with Lee A. DuBridge (back to camera) and Wes Hershey
China Night
Noon concerts--Mason Williams
Linus and Ava Helen Pauling with students
China Night
Ghetto and the City Conference
Bruce Rule and Lee DuBridge looking at model of 130′ antenna
Lee DuBridge and Radhakrishnan at YMCA event
Lee Hood
Student at the refreshment table
Ghetto and the City Conference
H. P. Robertson
Jerry Glashagel and Wes Hershey with students
China Night
Wes Hershey with a group of students
Bettina Aptheker