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Robert Knapp and Theodore von Karman in the pump lab
The campus as seen from the roof of Robinson
Football game
Football game
Varsity tennis team
W. Curtis Rockefeller
Irving Krick with meteorgraph
Football game
Richard Chace Tolman and Robert Millikan in academic attire
5th Volta Congress
Jacques Monod with Mrs. and Mrs. Henry Clifford in Pasadena
Paul Dirac, Robert Millikan and J. Robert Oppenheimer
Jacques Monod with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clifford in Pasadena
Caltech orchestra
Irving Krick and W.C. Rockefeller inspecting chart
Sophomore chemistry lab at Caltech
Cloud chamber photo of an electron-positron shower, recorded on Pikes Peak
Hauling gasoline for the generator in 55-gallon drums from cogwheel railway on Pikes Peak
A Pikes Peak cosmic-ray research expedition tow truck pulls both the Caltech truck and trailer to top of Pikes Peak
Cloud chamber photo of pi-mesons produced out of nuclear disintegration