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Western flank of Alba Patera
Mosaic of Mars surface taken from Viking Orbiter 1
Viking Orbiter 2 showing the south polar cap
The US flag with the rocky Martian surface in the background
The Grand Canyon of Mars
Northern latitude of Mars shwoing eroded mesa-like landforms
Landing site for Viking 1 is one of the lowest regions on the surface of Mars, Chryse Planitia
Mars’ Utopia landing site
Photomosaic showing the western part of the Chryse Planitia
Mars’ Utopian Plain
Near-encounter photomosaic of the Martian satellite Phosbos
The north polar ice cap of Mars
Mosaic of the Hellas region of Mars
Mars as photographed during the Viking 2 approach
Deimos, the smaller of the two satellites of Mars
Martian horizon as seen by Viking 2
Cross indicates aiming point for landing of Viking 1
Photomosaic of channel on Mars
Landing area for Viking 1, the crater Arandas