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Ed Hutchings, Jean Bacher and Robert Bacher at the Athenaeum
Bruce Rule and Lee DuBridge looking at model of 130′ antenna
Lee DuBridge and Radhakrishnan at YMCA event
Lee Hood
Student at the refreshment table
Jerome Vinograd and Arie Haagen-Smit
Harold Brown speaking at Baxter dedication dinner
David Baltimore formal portrait
Richard Feynman, casual pose
Gordon Moore, Alice Huang, David Baltimore and Kip Thorne
Richard Feynman at Freshman Camp
David Baltimore
Phoebe Sturtevant at the dedication of the Sturtevant iris garden
Harold Brown receiving Clear Air Car trophy from students
Lee and Doris DuBridge
Ira Bowen in office.
Alfred H. Sturtevant, head and shoulders
Richard Feynman at 1974 commencement
Alfred H. Sturtevant, head and shoulders
William Fowler and well-wishers