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Ted Watterson photographing the telescope
Wedge ball-and-socket mounting for the base frame
Cliff Middleton shoveling steel punchings, and Josh Detwiler posing
Jack and azimuth adjusting screw on southeast corner of the base frame
Josef Johnson at the controls of the 18″ Schmidt telescope
48″ Schmidt telescope
Exterior view of the dome building
Lifting the south yoke through the hatch in the observing floor
Hoisting the aluminizing tank to the observing level with the dome
Dome housing for the 18″ reflector Schmidt-type telescope
200″ dome as seen from the highway
Ammoniating room of the 200″ telescope dome building
Roy Jennkins awaiting the arrival of the generators
Byron Hill, superintendent at Palomar beginning in June 1936
Trucking the aluminizing chamber
200″ telsecope in the position it assumes when observing in the immediate vicinity of the Pole Star
Palomar construction crew
Exterior view of the dome building
Pouring concrete mirror substitute for the 200″ telescope