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Ted Watterson photographing the telescope
The 200-inch dome
The 200-Inch Telescope Looking North
120″ grinding and polishing machine
The Prime Focus, 200-Inch Telescope
Mirror. Supports. 200-Inch Telescope
The 200-inch dome
The 200-Inch Telescope Looking Northwest
R. A. & Sideral time control unit for 200″
Eyepiece insert for plate holder--200″ prime focus?
Wedge ball-and-socket mounting for the base frame
48″ Schmidt--hoisting upper tube section
Aluminizing the 200″ mirror
Polar axis of the 48″ Schmidt telescope
Cliff Middleton shoveling steel punchings, and Josh Detwiler posing
Pump set-up looking north
Plate holder for 200″ prime focus spectrograph (5 x 7 plates) with guider
Jack and azimuth adjusting screw on southeast corner of the base frame