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Ted Watterson photographing the telescope
R. A. & Sideral time control unit for 200″
Eyepiece insert for plate holder--200″ prime focus?
Wedge ball-and-socket mounting for the base frame
Al Glatzau standing on balcony of the 200″ dome bulding
48″ Schmidt--hoisting upper tube section
One shutter arch and prime focus elevator track
Aluminizing the 200″ mirror
Polar axis of the 48″ Schmidt telescope
Cliff Middleton shoveling steel punchings, and Josh Detwiler posing
Pump set-up looking north
Plate holder for 200″ prime focus spectrograph (5 x 7 plates) with guider
Jack and azimuth adjusting screw on southeast corner of the base frame
200″ mirror support system
Mt. Wilson comparator, front view
48″ Schmidt corrector plate and grinding machine
Cottage #5
200″ dome at Palomar
48″ Schmidt telescope polar axis from truck
Removing mirror support blocking