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Construction of 200″ telescope--view from crane
Prime focus cage entering annealing furnace
West horn of horseshoe
East panel of 200″ telescope tube
Cage on under-slung car
Engineers check the measurements of a finish “point”, one of two such pieces forming part of the yoke
Yoke section 10′6″ diameter 19′4″ long on 160″ lathe
Middle section of horseshoe ready for first annealing
Making deflection tests on celluloid model
Assembly of yoke
Assembly of east panel for 200″ telescope tube
Cage under construction
Assembly of panels of the 200″ telescope tube
Cage under construction
Cage on under-slung car
Scraping mandrel for South Bearing Shoes on 160″ lathe
Drilling and reaming spoke holes in flexible gimbal unit
South Bearing Journal finished and polished on 160″ lathe
Spectrograph stairway carriage assembled in yoke section
Bottom ring of 200″ telescope tube on boring mill. Drilling holes in bottom faces.