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Oculus Enoch et Eliae, sive Radius Sideromysticus pars Prima
Session House, Clerkenwell
Magdalen Chapel
Kepler - Table V, from Mysterium cosmographicum
Pillory Cross, Charing Cross
Hamilton, Sir William, “Campi Phlegraei: Observations on the Volcanos of the Two Sicilies”, plate 9.
Title page of Newton’s “Opticks”
Board of Trade
George Atwood - Atwood’s Machine from A treatise on the Rectilinear Motion and Rotation of Bodies (Cambridge, 1784)
Illustration of water pump
Royal Exchange
Portrait of Tycho Brahe, from Astronomiae Instauratae Mechanica
Chemical apparatus in the 17th century
Frontispiece from book by Hevelius