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Galileo, title page from Discorsi e Dimostrazioni Matematiche (Discourses and Mathematical Demonstrations concerning the Two New Sciences of Mechanics and Local Motions), Leiden, 1638
William Blake’s “Jerusalem,” plate 6
Portrait of Galileo from Systema Cosmicum, Augustae Treboc. [Strasbourg], 1635
Engraving designed by Kepler
Theatre of Anatomy, Cambridge University
Drawing from Life at the Royal Academy, Somerset House
Students sledding
Greenwich Hospital, The Painted Hall
Guild Hall - Examination of a Bankrupt before his Creditors, Court of Kings Bench
Kepler - Title page from De stella nova
Title page: Benjamin Franklin “Experiments and Observations on Electricity”, 5th ed., London.
Hand-painted illustration from the autograph album of Johann Jakob Frisch
William Blake’s “Jerusalem,” plate 26
View of Westminster Hall and Bridge
Hevelius with his 140′ telescope
Otto von Guericke, “Experimenta Nova...” (New Magdeburg Experiments)
Thomas Burnet - frontispiece to Sacred Theory of the Earth