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Galileo, title page from Discorsi e Dimostrazioni Matematiche (Discourses and Mathematical Demonstrations concerning the Two New Sciences of Mechanics and Local Motions), Leiden, 1638
Synagogue, Dukes Place, Houndsditch
William Blake’s “Jerusalem,” plate 6
Portrait of Galileo from Systema Cosmicum, Augustae Treboc. [Strasbourg], 1635
Engraving designed by Kepler
Westminister Abbey
Surrey Institution
Theatre of Anatomy, Cambridge University
Students sledding
Society of Agriculture
Horse Armoury, Tower
House of Lords
Portrait of Galileo, from Istoria e Dimostrazioni intorno alle Macchie Solari (History and Demonstration concerning Sunspots), Rome, 1613
Kepler - Title page from De stella nova
Title page: Benjamin Franklin “Experiments and Observations on Electricity”, 5th ed., London.
Royal Institution, Albemarle Street
Hand-painted illustration from the autograph album of Johann Jakob Frisch
William Blake’s “Jerusalem,” plate 26